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Friday, July 13, 2012


As you might have seen on my Facebook Page, I have mentioned the beautiful and talented Nina from FashiionCarpet. I was really inspired by her DIY Dip Dye Jeans project and had to try it out immediately - if not sooner. So here they are, my steps to the new/old edition to my denim collection.

1. Spray your jeans with water. The jeans should be damp, not wet.

2. Use rubber bands to fold & roll the jeans in different directions (the more you fold and use rubber bands, the more dark color will remain on the jeans - for a more darker than lighter look).

3. The result should look similar to this:

4. Use bleach and water (I used half/half) to soak the jeans for a couple of hours (until they reach the desired color).

5. Approx. 3h later...
6. User rubber gloves to remove rubber bands and rinse them off. Wash your jeans in the wash machine once or twice if the bleach smell is persistant. Dry, wear and enjoy!

The treatment should be messy and pattern-less, for a chill, laid-back vibe. Pair these with a not-too-busy top though, otherwise your look could be too much!


  1. Klasse Idee!!!!

    1. Fand ich auch, bin ueber Fashiioncarpet drauf gestossen. Wuerde mich sonst nie trauen es selbst aus zu probieren ;-)

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