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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I was looking for high waisted denim shorts and was not able to find anything that fitted me or looked decent. So while walking through a local mall, I ran into a second hand shop and stumbled across some vintage American Eagle high waisted jeans. Instantly I knew, I had to get them. I cut them in a shape that was flattering to me, longer in the back and middle, yet shorter on the sides. I threw them in the washer and later on in the dryer to create that worn out look.
I was happy with my DIY cut-offs but still wanted to add a bit of personality to them. I decided to add studs and spikes to make them look different. So here are the steps towards creating the Studded Cut-Offs.



1. Locate areas where you want the spikes/studs to be and measure the distance between them, making sure it's the same.
2. I used small scissors to make holes on the pockets, but you may use other tools that are safe and suitable for that matter.
3. Push through your spike attachment
4. Screw on the top/spiked cone
5. Add any other details on the peek-a-boo pockets if you'd like. I added studs that I placed randomly throughout pockets.
6. Grab your high heels and your plain white tee and take your shorts out for a walk ;-)


  1. Von wo hast du die Nieten?
    Die Hose sieht ├╝brigens total geil aus :)

    1. Hallo! Die Nieten habe ich online bestellt: ich glaube sie verschicken auch international. Hoffe das hilft ;-)

  2. Wow good job the shorts looks so edgy love it <3